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WE ALL DESERVE PLEASURE! When we are ready, of course.

The majority of people with MRKH are either born with an underdeveloped vagina or without a vaginal canal, but for every person with MRKH this does not mean sex or pleasure is impossible. 

Did you know that the clitoris has 8000 nerve endings and is the only part of our bodies designed for pleasure, plus the structure of the clitoris surrounds our whole vulva and entrance to our vagina which is AMAZING. 

Did you know that all people with vaginas (with or without MRKH) have different vaginal lengths due to a high, medium or low cervix at different points of mensuration? 

Did you know that 80% orgasms are clitoral and not many people with vaginas can just orgasm with vaginal penetration alone. 

Did you know that orgasms are good for your health?

Mind Over MRKH are passionate about shaking the stigma surrounding our bodies and sex. We believe everyone, no matter what body parts you have deserves pleasure mentally and physically. Be it pleasure with yourself, or pleasure with a partner/s - your body is capable of so much when our minds are ready for it. 

Pleasure has a lot to do with our minds, the more relaxed we are the more our pleasure capabilities shine and those 8000 clitoral nerve endings can really get going when we want them to. 

So this sex and pleasure page is all about sharing different resources, events dedicated to sex and pleasure, sex toy and orgasm feedback, sex stories from MRKHers and we have some promotional discounts coming up!

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