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Welcome to Mind Over MRKH.

MRKH stands for Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser Syndrome. Our Website, social media, events and resources are dedicated to the magical 1 in 5000 women and people who have MRKH and has been curated by those with MRKH. 

Meet Ellamae and the others on our social media page @mindovermrkh

Here you will find a safe, stigma free and calm space for you to visit when you need to full of quotes, advice and real stories.

Living with MRKH can bring complex layers of emotional trauma and sometimes low self-esteem. We are all on our individual journey of self-acceptance. Our MRKH  story is unique to each of us; from diagnosis, to dilating (not for all of us!), to relationships and sex, to fertility and mental health and more.

We hope that by exploring your heart you can keep your mind in a state of self-awareness and prevent MRKH from consuming you but rather for it to be a beautiful part of you. We must allow ourselves to feel and cry to really heal our minds. Our minds are our biggest self-critic and rewiring them to love ourselves is not a linear process.

Our online platform will offer mindfulness resources, creative outlets, mental health information, blogs/videos and real stories by MRKH people through blogs and our dedicated (soon to come) Podcast.  There will be events to attend, online and in the UK, mostly online on at the moment due to you know what!

We'll keep you up to date with the latest MRKH news and support networks- there is nothing more powerful than connecting with a girl like you.

We will dedicate honest and reliable areas for the subjects that we know matter the most such as dilating, sexual relationships and fertility but most importantly your mental health. Our biggest resource is your voice and your mind. By learning from each other not only do we feel less alone but we are powerful together.

Our mission is you.

Tapping into your truth and expressing your story may be the ingredient to your own healing but also may help other women. If you'd like to explore your self through writing or creative techniques, why not check our resources or events pages - get in contact to see how we could help you.

We team up with some amazing charities and advocates across the globe to offer a range of support, including workshops and exercises, for all MRKH women who are searching for their voice.

We will be continuously reminding you the raw and utter truth- You are beautiful, you are worthy, you are enough. And we hope that little by little you really start to believe this.

Contact us, we really do want to hear from you x

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