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New listing! My Body Back

We have listed a new resource over on our V-Agency

My Body Back offer cervical screening, contraceptive care, STI testing and maternity care for people who’ve experienced sexual violence.

The My Body Back Project started life as a website, where those who had experienced sexual violence discussed their difficulties with accessing healthcare and reclaiming their own sexuality. It was created by activist, midwife and journalist Pavan Amara.

Having gathered a huge amount of data, Amara then worked with research nurse Louise Cadman and sexual health consultant Dr Jill to create a specialist clinic where those who had experienced sexual violence could access cervical screening, STI testing and contraceptive care in an environment tailored to their comfort and empowerment. The clinic would have longer appointments, warm and welcoming volunteers, a team of psychologists and healthcare providers who are experts in this sphere and – crucially – there’d be no pressure on attendees to have a cervical screening test until they were absolutely ready.

Our London clinic was launched in 2015 and our Glasgow clinic in 2018. The MBB Maternity Clinic was launched in 2016 and is the world’s first maternity clinic of its kind.

Our Café V workshops first started in 2015 and were designed to be attended only by those had experienced sexual violence. A safe space in which to share, discuss and learn about sexuality after assault, our sessions have covered topics such as masturbation, fantasy, BDSM and more. We have also worked with artists and other creative people to help people find new, more comfortable ways to express their feelings about their sexuality.

We are a small, entirely volunteer-run organisation. We have clinics in London and Glasgow for now, but we hope one day to expand further across the UK and, perhaps, even beyond.

To access their services head here

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