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Surrogacy- We Mind The Fertility Funding Gap


Va Va Womb, MRKH Connect and others are on a mission.

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If you have applied for NHS funding via your CCG in the past or ICB (Integrated Care Board) as they are now known, for any fertility treatment with the hopeful end result to have a child via surrogacy, this campaign and upcoming survey is for you! For anyone embarking on a surrogacy journey there is a fertility funding gap and we MIND!

We are a collective of UK charities, medical professionals, individuals and platforms. We mind the fertility funding gap and we are fighting for Equality In Fertility funding. Our fight goes beyond the UK postcode lottery barriers to focus on the individuals and couples who cannot physically carry a child without a surrogate.

Some ICB policies are starting to fund IUI for couples who have a womb between them which is an amazing step forward for equality but we want to bridge the gap for all situations where a surrogate may be needed, especially for those who have uterine factor infertility / absolute uterine factor infertility.

We are working hard looking at ALL policies and analysing the funding across the UK via our upcoming survey which will lead to the petition launch.

A surrogate with the intended parents

Our aim is to understand the ICBs that are refusing funding and why and to understand if there are common themes. We also want to know where ICBs are supportive and granting funding as this is really important!

If you are interested in being kept updated on the survey release or want to hear about updates on its impact please provide your email address below. Your email will only be used for the purposes of the survey and will not be provided to any third parties.


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