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Pleasure Journal & Colouring print out

Pleasure Journal & Colouring print out

169 Pages of pure pleasure exploration with colouring in and writing pages.

Pages can be printed or ideas used in your own journals.

Copyright- Not for re-sale or commercial use. 


The beauty of creativity and art that comes with sex and pleasure is something we don't often tap into. Through a personal journey of having a tainted relationship with my body (more specifically, my vagina) following a rare reproductive development diagnosis at 16 years old, I found that through writing I was able to own my story, own the vocabulary I once hid away from and own my bodies pleasure capabilities.

Being sex positive doesn't have to mean you're a sexpert that has sex all the time, it means you are open to self expression, exploration and understanding your own sexuality and desires. 

A lover of all things creative from poetry to painting, I relish the idea that our relationships with ourselves can be explored through any medium. Even through your pen, you can tap into your pleasure and sexual mental health so much deeper than you think. Our minds are our biggest source of pleasure.


Sex and pleasure isn't an easy subject for lots of people for lots of different reasons so whatever happens in this journal, reach out if you feel emotionally triggered and don't feel ashamed to seek help.

I've come up with a few exciting ideas for sex and pleasure writing and they are for you to interpret as you please! The journal also turns liberating language into colouring pages and important reminders along the way. This is your journey, and you deserve pleasure. Get stuck in!


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