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Leakproof pants aren't just for periods...

Leakproof underwear is essentially, period pants! Now, I don't bleed as I was born without a womb so I have never really seen the need for period pants. But then I was enlightened... babe, ever had a sweaty vulva? Ever had discharge? Ever felt a bit anxious after sex? Ever peed yourself?

Yes yes yes, all sounds familiar. My vulva sweats quite a lot when I wear tights. And when I am at the gym, on the cycling machines especially! I do get some discharge and can definitely see the benefits for people who get a lot of discharge. I would love to chuck on the pants after sex (obviously after peeing first cuz ya' know, ALWAYS PEE AFTER SEX and make sure your vulva is cleaned with water to prevent UTI's and bacteria, and all that jazz), but still, there's times where I just want to go to sleep, or times where I don't know if my post-sex-vagina is free just yet before heading out the door in a rush, if you know what I mean!

Get in charge of your discharge with these pants, because seriously there's so many more ways they can give your genitals a comfy house.

They are gentle on your genitals. Your genitals really do deserve a comfy house and these pants bring comfort and protection from leakages in any shape or form without the need for potential discomfort with a tampon or pad. Can I also just say they look sexy AF (if that's your vibe) and cozy AF. Coni and her team have designed some really good shapes from thongs to high waisted for plenty of sizes up to 6XL.

You deserve COMFORT, SPACE AND PLEASURE! (Pre-warning, this opens a link to our pleasure brand)

It would be silly of me to NOT tell you about how they will support you on your period because ultimately, this was why they were designed. And this is where they can help people that have periods which is like more than half of the population. I still can't believe having a period costs people money, it's unfathomable.

There are so many people that cannot or don't like using tampons. I have a friend who has Vaginismus where the vaginal muscles contract without control when trying to penetrate (with anything from a tampon to a sex toy) the vaginal canal, so whilst she still suffers with this common condition she HATES tampons.... simultaneously joking around about having an itchy vulva because her pads are so uncomfortable. So I have her a free pair of these pants from Nixi's gift bag, and... gamechanger!

How do they work?

The fabric in period underwear contains a moisture-wicking fabric, mainly in the gusset (the bit that sits over your vulva and vaginal opening in a pair o' pants) made up of thousands of small filaments. These fibers trap blood or other liquid to keep it from leaking onto your clothes. There tends to be three layers with the outer layer being waterproof, the middle layer doing the soaking and the inside layer being skin friendly.

The Nixi pants absorb around 10-15 ml of blood which is 1 to 2 tampons, but it all just depends on your flow to how long you can wear these pants before they need to be washed, or for a very heavy flow they may even be added support to other products simultaneously.

The magic is movement and comfort during some of the most uncomfortable times!

Yes, I will make a small commission on this sale and yes I really appreciate you going via my discount link.

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